Jessica, explains why she loves Mutual Claim.

Why Do Insurance Agents Love Mutual Claim?

Mutual Claim Service will help all phases from starting your claim, meeting with the adjusters negotiating with the estimator, and filing supplemental claims to ensure you get the proper funding for your loss. We can save you thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours in dealing with corporate insurance companies.

How Can Property & Casualty Agents Improve Retention?

Retention is a bit of a puzzle for many agents.  They simply assume they will lose a certain percentage of clients each year, some to reasons they are aware of (better price or coverage), others for reasons they will never know (the client simply cancels and doesn’t return calls).

Here’s a fact:  one of the most common reasons for a client souring on you as an agent is a NEGATIVE CLAIMS EXPERIENCE.  They put in a claim and are either denied or paid less than they need perform the repairs, or have some other unsatisfactory experience.  The craziest thing about this:  often you aren’t even aware they put in a claim and had a problem!

Carriers encourage policyholders to contact them directly with claims and bypass the agent.  So a common reason for losing clients (claims related issues) is totally out of your control.  UNTIL NOW!  Call Mutual and let us show you how to take control of the claims process and ensure that your clients are happy with every claims experience.

How Property & Casualty Agents Can Ensure Their Clients Have a Positive Claims Experience

As an agent you are understandably focused on signing up new clients and dealing with service issues as they arise.  Insurance carriers will tell you that they will take care of your clients during the claims process (in general they don’t want you involved in claims thinking it will distract you from new sales).  But you are making a mistake if you just ASSUME the carrier will handle claims properly in a way that satisfies your clients.  To them, your client’s claim is one of thousands they receive. 

No big deal if the client is less than perfectly happy.  But to you it is a important, because you may lose them come renewal time.  So how do you ensure that ALL your clients have a positive experience regarding EVERY claim they file?  You could refer them to a contractor, but good luck with that because sometimes contractors are on the ball, but sometimes they aren’t. 

Here’s a better idea:  work with a trusted CLAIMS SERVICE like Mutual that will handle your client’s claim issues from start to finish.  We’re here to ensure that your clients are happy during the entire process.  They won’t hesitate to renew with you (and might even tell their friends how grateful they are you referred them to a company like Mutual!)   Want to learn more about how to keep your customers happy (and renewing year after year)?

The Dangers of a Property and Casualty Agent Referring a Contractor

You are a trusted resource for your clients, and when they experience an insurable event to their home they will sometimes call you looking for help.  Often they need a contractor referral (for damage to a roof, a flood or fire claim, whatever).  Maybe you keep a list of contractors, and are eager to refer your policyholders to them in time of need.  BE CAREFUL!  You just handed over responsibility for your client’s satisfaction to a stranger. 
Often, contractors (even good ones) are not very adept at customer service.  These are practical people focused on getting the job done.  And most of them can’t offer any help with the overall claims process.  We recommend that you stop referring contractors and handing the fate of client (and their likelihood of renewing) to a stranger. 
Instead hire a full-service claims company like Mutual to handle the entire claims process front to back for your clients.  We partner with you to ensure your clients have a positive claims experience each and every time.   Watch how happy your clients are and see your retention rate soar.  Contractors can’t reliably deliver results like that but we can!