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The Mutual Difference

At Mutual Claim, we pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency and honesty in all our dealings with clients. We believe that communication is key to a successful repair process, and we will keep you informed and involved throughout the process. Whether you need emergency repairs, guidance on the claims process, or financing options to afford necessary repairs, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with your insurance claims and repairs needs.

Lower your annual premium up to 20%

Did you know only 6% of homeowners file a claim on their home each year? And on average, a claim is filed once every 17 years.

By selecting a higher deductible plan, you can save up ot 20% a year on your insurance.

The current average premium on a $250,000 home is about $2,500 a year. This is normally for a 1% deductible plan. Let’s do some simple math.

If on average, a homeowner only files a claim every 17 years,

at a 20% savings, you would be $500 a year. After 17 years that would be $8,500 dollars.


Why do my rates keep going up? I haven’t filed a claim in years.

Our most common question. The short answer? Insurance companies are a for-profit corporation. The number one misunderstanding is when you file a claim that’s not your fault, i.e. an act of God (tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.), you’ll be paying higher premiums. This is actually illegal. The only way insurance companies can raise your premiums is if they do it on a statewide, regional, or national basis. When insurance companies do this, it’ll raise prices for ALL policy holders. 

Are you tired of the raising premium costs? Good news, they’re ways to legally offset this, and not be out thousands for a huge deductible when you file a claim.



I spent hours trying to find the right roofer, drywaller, painter. Basically, I was going to have to become a general contractor. So not only was I looking at coming out of pocket thousands of dollars, but I suddenly had a part-time job if I wanted to get all this done. When I complained to my insurance agent about the difficulties of finding the right contractor and dealing with the insurance company, thankfully he introduced me to Mutual! They took over the entire claim, hired the right contractors, worked with my insurance, and the job was completed at far less cost and no headaches on my part! So I would definitely call Mutual before ever filing another claim.

Bryan – Homeowner – DFW, Texas

Well, submitting a claim to my insurance company was pretty easy and the claim was approved. Now, I knew beforehand I had a deductible so I was expecting that, but I what I didn't know about was depreciation. Our roof was 12 years old and depreciation took out over HALF THE ROOF REPLACEMENT COST. So basically I got a $4,000 check to replace a $15,000 roof. And also we were having difficulty finding a reputable company to do the roof and fix all the interior damage. We weren't sure what to do They explained to me that my depreciation is recoverable, there's some paperwork to file after the work is done. I had no idea about that, and that's just one example of the help they provided. They basically took over the entire process, and got us even more money from the insurance company

Mary – Homeowner – DFW, Texas